sleep last night: ~2:15 am
wake up: ~11:30 am
weight: 260 lbs (according to the gym scale!)

Well, it’s been a kind of decent day. Ted left at like 10:30 am, and I wish I’d gotten up then, but no. However, I did get up for working out with Maia at 1:30 pm. We started the couch potato to 5k program!

I’ve been exercising with Kelly, but not jogging. It’s nice to get back into it again. We want to do a 5k at some point after we finish.

After that, we stopped at Aldi’s for some salad ingredients. I should stop back there on my way home - they’re pretty cheap and have a lot of the staples that I’m missing. We made salad with spinach, random greens, Italian dressing, grilled chicken, and dried cranberries. I also had two Cutie’s clementines. Delish!

Now I’m here at Maia’s (well, Carl’s), being productive and applying to jobs. At least until Teen Mom comes on, I guess.

Daily Night

sleep last night: 3:30 am
wake up: 2:30 pm ( D: )
weight: 251.2 lbs (!!!)

Well hello! Almost didn’t post today, but I really want to be productive in some way right now, and this seemed the easiest. Lol. Stayed up too late last night thanks to Don’t Starve. Arg. I was tired at like 2:00 am too. Oh well, hopefully tonight. Woke up way too late because of staying up, of course. I had my alarm set for earlier, but just turned them off. Didn’t have working out to wake me up.

My weight finally went down some, though, but I feel like I just destroyed all my work today. I had one maple cookie and then dinner here at Marty and Anna’s. I had two tortillas filled with hamburger helper, rice, and cheese. Ugh. Delicious and filling, but I didn’t need two of the damn things. Then again, it’s free and good and already getting late. Oh, I also had about a cup of V8 strawberry banana smoothie stuff. Delish, but I suppose unnecessary. Damn you liquid calories! I’m going to try not to eat anything else today. I really want diet pop, so I might pick some up on the way home. Until then, just water.

Anyways. I cannot wait for the temp to get warmer and the days to get longer. It’s too cold to do anything outside, and I’d feel so much better if it was the middle of summer right now. The sun would have just gone down. In any case, I’m going to be awake like four more hours probably, so I might as well make them good ones!

I think I’m going to continue going through my e-mails, and then maybe job hunt! I wonder if I will continue feeling this way as the night goes on, lol.


sleep last night: 3:30 am
wake up: ~11:30 am
weight: 258.6 (you gotta be kidding me)

Hello my Tumblr. I didn’t post yesterday, unfortunately. I didn’t really do much, truth be told. I was going to work out with Kelly at 11:00 am, but I didn’t get up until like 3:30 pm! Yuck. I did check my email and find that I got a quick reply from LSS. I should hear about that job by the end of next week. I could have gone out with Ted to Buffalo Wild Wings at like 10:30 pm, but I decided not to. That’s good, because I didn’t need to eat and drink and spend money, but bad because I know the real reason was that I just didn’t want to get up and be around people. I ended up eating more than I would have liked, although I was legitimately hungry when I ate. I ate three maple cookies, had stir fry, and pasta.

As for today, I tried to get up at 10:00 am to workout at 11:00 am, but was really freaking tired. I ended up texting Kelly and rescheduling for noon, and got up at 11:30 am for that. Passable. Worked out by walking and doing some weights. We visited Buon Giorno for just a bit and I ended up getting a loaf of bread. I looked at too many sandwiches on Pinterest yesterday, lol.

I haven’t done much since I got back. I made my delicious sandwich. Speaking of, I should outline what I’ve eaten today. I had a small sample of olive bread at Buon Giorno. Then I made my sandwich. A couple thick slices of bread, three slices of cooked roast beef fried in a little olive oil with garlic, string cheese, spinach, and a mix of mustard, mayo, and pepper. I had that with about a cup of milk and a chocolate milk straw. Last, I had one Traer Joe’s Social Snackers cracker with a little cookie butter.

Kinda feels like a lot, but I don’t think I’ll have much more today. Maybe some yogurt.

Now… I think I’m going to look at my financials. Been avoiding it, honestly. Ugh. I’ll feel better knowing where I stand for sure, though.

Daily Morning

sleep last night: ~4:00 am
wake up: 12:30 pm
weight: 252.4 lbs (woah!)

Yesterday was an excellent day. I cleaned so much, although there’s much more work to be done. I found that job email, but I still need to respond to it. That’s one thing I need to do today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to sleep! I tried to sleep at like… 2:20 am. Kinda late still, but I could get up at 10:00 am with that. I ended up taking some melatonin and eating my leftover stir fry because I was suspicious I was too hungry to sleep. Been a long time since that was a problem. I got to sleep pretty soon after that, so something helped.

Then this morning, I naturally had trouble waking up. I started getting up at 11:00 am, but kept drifting off, so it definitely wasn’t a real wake up. Now here I am at 2:00 pm, having done really nothing. But this posting will help me get my thoughts together and get going!

As for food yesterday, I did… okay. Lots of drinks. That was from going to Trader Joe’s, though. I had the biscuits, cappuccino, pasta sample, and sparkling lemonade sample - honestly, that all probably wasn’t that much calories. Probably no more than 400. Later I had two servings of stir-fry (at two different times!), a cider (at the Cafeteria), some salted caramel chai tea, and sparkling lemonade. Way too much to drink yesterday!

So far all I’ve had is a bite of Ted’s weight control maple and brown sugar oatmeal with chocolate chips. Not sure what I’m planning on… Nevermind! Just talked with Ted about lunch. We’re gonna make the pre-made chicken alfredo and add some broccoli to it. Great! Now I won’t have to worry about eating the full box of the stuff on my own. Then I’ll probably have a salad at Buon Giorno after working out tonight, and then a beer at the Tap. That’s not too bad…

To summarize, because I don’t like that paragraph too much. A bite of oatmeal. Pasta with chicken and broccoli in white sauce. A salad. A beer. And whatever else unplanned. I might have some more chai.

Now to plan and motivate for the rest of the day… I’m cooking food now. I’m working out with Kelly at the Lilydale Snap at 7:30 pm. And then I have the Tap at 10:00 pm. Other than that, I have tons of random things to do. I’d like to fix some things with my car, but that’s probably gonna have to wait until tomorrow. I want to apply to that job, and take care of some things around here. Most importantly applying to that job.

So for now, farewell!


sleep last night: 3:00 am
wake up: ~11:30 am
weight: 254.2 lbs (finally some change!)

A decent day so far! Well, I haven’t really done too much of consequence (like take care of my car, look at jobs, etc.), but I’ve still been relatively productive. I got up at a much more reasonable hour (although I have room for improvement), worked out with Kelly today at about 3:00 pm (again, I have a looong ways to go), feel like I’m finally losing some weight (ditto), and got groceries to cook.

Ted’s actually coming over in about an hour to make stir fry with me, and then we’re going to trivia at the Cafeteria in Uptown. I’ve never been there and always wanted to go. Until he gets here, I must clean.

As for food, yesterday I had that yogurt, a brown ale, half an order of boneless wings, and half and order of bone in wings. Lol. Not much, I suppose. Today I’ve had one and a half little Bisquick biscuits that Ted made and a 24 oz Holiday French vanilla cappuccino. I also had samples at Trader Joe’s - chicken alfredo and sparkling lemonade - for what that’s worth. Not much, but we’re making dinner here soon and I’ll probably get a beer and split an app or something at the Cafeteria. So it’ll certainly be enough.

That’s all for now!

Daily Morning

wake up: ~4:20 pm (ugh)
weight: 256.8 lbs (super ugh)

Getting up pretty late these days, but I’m workin’ on it! I didn’t really go to sleep until 10:00 or 11:00 am, so it was a short sleep. Damn my bad habits, weird inability to sleep sometimes, and Pinterest. But my sleep deficit and staying at Ted’s tonight should get me to bed at a relatively early time tonight. I’m hoping to go to sleep around 2:00 am and get up tomorrow at 10:00 or 11:00 am.

As for my weight, I really feel like I should be losing more than I have. The one thing I have been doing well is eating. I’ve actually felt normal levels of hunger! It’s a little frustrating, but that’s how weight can go and I’m starting pretty high up there. I don’t feel it either. I just gotta eat better, as well as exercise. Kelly’s really pushing me to go, which is excellent. Hopefully tonight.

I’ve had Fage 2% yogurt with strawberry for 140 calories. I’m planning on drinking a lot of water today and probably only eating at happy hour at Green Mill. Maybe I’ll bring soup in case I get hungry at Ted’s.

Anyways, here’s what I have scheduled for the rest of the day:
7:30 pm workout
9:00 pm Green Mill trivia

I gotta shower before I workout - my hair is just too greasy! Maybe clean up a little around here and take out some trash on my way out of the apartment.